Wedding Day



An embroidered Sherwani is an Indian equivalent of a black tuxedo and a fine suit, it’s best if it’s bespoke. It’s all about the fit you get on your body. A slim, well-cut (such that it gives you a v shape) Sherwani in a dark color with an intricate and a tasteful embroidery in silk makes it a perfect evening wear for a gentleman of any age.

For Grooms
Every groom aspires to look his best on the wedding day. Every groom has certain wishes, expectations or dreams attached to that day. No doubt, he has to be the best dressed man out of the lot.This is where our experts or fashion consultants help the client to accomplish the look he wants for the day.It is a journey for every client from selecting his fantasy outfit to getting his avant-garde ensemble. Here, at GD we try to make this journey joyful yet mesmerizing.

On arrival, families & relatives accompanying grooms are greeted by our fashion consultant where he discusses brief about groom’s family, functions, dates, duration, gathering, religion, favorite colors & any reference images. After a good understanding of their thought process, our specialist takes out few outfits for the groom to try. He accessorize & stylize different looks on him with pagdis, stoles, brotches & jutis. The final look is then shortlisted to be executed in his size.

He is given a trial date when he tries his ensemble to have look & feel of it. Upon the delivery date, the groom collects the final piece to be adorned for the day. We believe in building relations with every family. Most of our clients are complete families who admire our services.

For Baratis
For us, Baratis are equally important to swag up the whole wedding place. For them, a sherwani can be tricky to pull off; that’s where our experts help them select the one that’s not too loud or risky.

The modern sherwani can be both stylized and low-key.We try to add more style to the classic look of it, by tailoring it to be slimmer and shorter just around the knee so that it resembles a smart coat & can be paired with brogues, a silk pocket square, slim pants, a churidar, a voluminous cowl salwar or even lean jeans.It’s the little details that separate men from boys.

We endorse unimpeachably stylish Jawaharlal Nehru style with a red rose in the second buttonhole of sherwani. It’s a useful prop, to be presented to the most beautiful woman one see. Works like a charm.