Ring Ceremony

Indo Western


Indian weddings are known for their elaborate ceremonies and opulent celebrations. Sagai ceremony is one such ceremony which marks the beginning of the wedding concord wherein the couple exchanges gold rings.Besides, they are held in a very traditional manner&fashion undergoing globalization, the customary boundaries are blurring and over lapping. Indian wear is no exception; Indian element sare combined with western silhouettes to craft new fusions which are becoming popular in fashion &Indian weddings

For Grooms
Indo-western is new creation of such fusion. Its not only comfortable than Sherwani because of its knee length but also replaces it at some situations. Ring Ceremony is one such event where this outfit fits like its only made for it. Our experts make sure that the groom marks his first statement among the two families in this initial ceremony. They also assure that the groom complements the bride’s outfit & have the right amount of Indian elements to keep the look elegant. Groom can select from a range of our rich fabrics, pin-tucked textures& embroideries to classier length & fits. The ensemble not only allows the groom to sit down & perform havan ceremonies it also allows him to bend down easily for blessings of the elderly.Sometimes we design long jackets like sherwani, with or without embellishments and occasionally we combine it with thoughtfully designed trousers with a transformed look that is no longer native.

For Baratis
One should try an experiment with fusion and go the globalization way to give his Indian wear a contemporary twist. We have different looks for Baratis. a suit jacket with dhoti pants & brogues, embroidered long jackets with jeans, a linen or khadi kurta over a patterned t-shirt, jeans & tassled loafers, an Indian motif scarf with an evening suit, a kurta with a sharp jacket & a silk pocket or an embellished kurta with subtle yet smart jacket that will cut the bling& provide a delicious contrast of textures & cuts.One can always find new fusions with us every season.