First impressions last. One starts behind the 8-ball; he’ll never get in front. What we mean is appearances matter! It’s a judgmental world out there and if one is not looking his best, he is out. So whether it is client’s meeting, presenting oneself to a potential employer or killing it at the office, step up the game. Lucky for men, we at Gargee Designer’s know how to do it well.

We propose invest in good quality grey, navy and black suits at the very minimum, then expand into a few bolder colors, materials or patterns (tweed and checks are particularly versatile) as well as different weights for winter and summer. A suit is not just a suit, it is also a blazer and trouser that can be split up and worn casually with denim, chinos and t-shirts, not to mention jackets or trousers from other suits.

We make sure each item is tailored so it works in its own right. Our experts also suggest the footwear based largely on the color of your trousers. One spends half his life in office shirts, so our specialists advise how to turn his work wear from drab to easy, cool & powerful and take shirt to the next level by adding design elements.

We also recommend classic black pinstripe work suit for getting the job done. This look is professional yet stylish, simple yet elegant.Sometimes,our specialists advise a cotton suit. We feel every summer suit ought to be cotton. If the cotton isn’t too washed and the cut is serious, this suit can work it’s way up to the corner office in style.

For the big day; when one needs to don a jacket for an important meeting, double breasted may be tempting to hide your paunch but stick to slim single-breasted suits to impress your seniors. If one wants to get promoted, one has to look like he is moving up the ladder.

If one is late for a meeting &do not have time to perfect the look; one can choose to go for black as the safe option. But one has to remember that the outfit will get him a pay rise and our professionals assure you get it.